The first version of the design was designed taking into account the colors and corporate identity of the UK.

We are currently preparing for a redesign and a major update.


Insurance company Universalna is one of the market leaders in the insurance niche, and insurance against all types of accidents, auto, real estate, health.

Information on the site should be available 24/7, therefore one of the main tasks was to ensure the smooth operation of the server.


We monitor the performance of the project and make changes as needed.


The site operates in the main two languages. State - Ukrainian and Russian languages. English is presented in one heading.


We are constantly working on updating both the technological base of the site and the design.

One of the forms of cooperation between our companies is SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Collaboration with lifecell

SK Universalna and Lifecell decided to produce a joint platform on which Life users could insure themselves through the services of an insurance company.

As a result, we created a landing page and a sequential calculator, after passing which the user can insure online.

Application of CEPH technology

One of the innovations that we used on the project is the fail-safe CERN system. Its essence is that information is stored simultaneously on three servers and, in the event of a fall, seamlessly switches to another. Thus, the site works 24/7.

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