Sale and installation of security systems

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To work with this site, our main task was to add a basket and logic for calculating the cost of delivery. When performing these tasks it was necessary to take into account the multisite nature of this project.

Technical requirements of the project

— To implement the ability to add goods to the basket
— To add the logic of placing an order with the calculation of the cost of delivery, depending on the type and point of delivery.
— To make all the modifications considering the adaptive version of the site
1C Bitrix CMS

Checkout and delivery

Checkout takes place in several stages. The first stage is the choice of the method of receiving the order. First, the user selects the delivery city, and then the type of delivery and point of delivery. Depending on the selected parameters, the period and cost are calculated. At the second stage, the user selects the type of payer and receives information about the composition of the order. The third stage is final for the user - the introduction of contact information.


Adaptive version

We needed to support the developed idea and according to it the implemented adaptive of the added logic is not inferior in usability and visual design of the main part of the site.