Purchase of goods for repair through a tender

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Setting-up of service that could select best prices for building materials according to the clients' requests.

Technical requirements of the project:

- Registration with the possibility of choosing the right role (buyer, seller);
- System of notifications about received orders, offers;
- Chat for operative interaction between buyer and seller;
- System of notifications about received orders, offers;
- Service administration (roles' management, internal control, accounting).
Zend framework
Doctrine 2


Offers from shops, chat, filtering - concise interface for quick decision making. Payment through the payment system SberBank Russia in a few clicks.

Choosing the best offer, customer examine the information about the rating of the store and specify the details of the order: price, amount of possible discounts, necessity of delivery and lifting to the door. After accepting the offer, client makes 5% prepayment or 100% advanced payment through Sberbank payment system.


New order

The form of new order allows you to take into account all the important details. Shops receive maximum information for further processing.

Customer enters the name of the product (or a link to it), the desired quantity, selects the category of the goods, details about the delivery, self-delivery, address, lifting, contact number and comment to the order. The opportunity has been realized to place an order now or to postpone it and send it to a draft by submitting an application later.


Order processing

The seller configures the account, processes orders, sends offers.

Response capabilities were expanded. A built-in discount calculator, chat, a lot of filters were added - all for convenience and responsiveness

Feedback and rating

The system of evaluating shops' functioning passes through the whole service. It motivates them to work quickly and efficiently.

Buyer analyzes clients' feedback, improving the quality of their services.

User's control

Users' database, flexible system of internal settings allows to configure the service easily.

Finance management

The most important part of the project is financial reporting about total service's work.

Accounting and statistics: calculation of the revenue of stores and service, button for prepayment / full payment, calculation of the total profitability and others.

Adaptive version

The adaptive version of this site is in no way inferior to the desktop version. You can get acquainted with the product and place an order as well.