Green Village

An elegant residential cottage village is the starting point of a new life.

ZF2 jQuery JavaScript Bootstrap 3


Our task was to create a multilingual elite real estate site, to make high-quality markup development by adding beautiful videos and animations on the site.

Technical requirements of the project

- To make cross-browser and adaptive markup development;
- To integrate on Zend Framework 2;
- To make multilingualism in 3 languages without using a database.
Zend framework

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature

"Green Village" is an elegant residential village in the near suburbs of the Latvian capital, to display this beauty on the site used animation and video.


One of the main tasks from the client was to add a multilingual website in 3 languages and also to integrate on Zend Framework 2.

Adaptive version

Implemented an adaptive version of the site for users who prefer to use mobile devices to obtain the necessary information. To make the adaptive version easier, we turned off the animation, which requires additional resources.