Working on the first stage of the project, writing a technical assignment, changed the original vision for the project. We decided, together with the customer, to replace the Landing Page with a full-fledged website. This is due to the expansion of the site's functionality: adding, booking and paying for courses online, adding reviews and managing content on the site.

As a CMS for website development, we opted for the familiar Django CMS.


The inner need to be alone with oneself has always guided the person who wanted to achieve enlightenment. The practice of a retreat allows you to realize and accept this meaning - and find inner freedom.

The retreat takes place in complete silence. This helps each participant to fully acquire their own personal experience and not influence the experience of others.


This functionality will help the user choose the event that suits him the most in terms of duration or what exactly he needs.


The ability to book a place to participate in the retreat without leaving home


Schedule of all upcoming events and activities

Live reviews

A block in which everyone can write their impressions of the courses


This section on the site, the administrator can publish information about upcoming events and attach links to future events or describe past retreats.

Personal Area

The functionality of the user's personal account allows you to see all the events for which the user signed up and their statuses.

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