Modern frame house building.

HTML 5 CSS 3 jQuery Wordpress


We had not only to bring the layout to life, but also to enable the user to get acquainted and feel the reality of the embodiment of the house of your dreams. Thus, we will give him the opportunity to leave a request directly on the site, as well as independently calculate the project cost.

Technical requirements of the project

- Adaptive and cross-browser markup development
- Integration under CMS Wordpress;
- Implementation of the feedback form;
- Implementation of the calculator "Calculation of cost"

Our technology

Using a visually interesting and at the same time simple way of submitting, the visitor can get acquainted with the classic Canadian technology for building a house. Without going to other pages, calculate the cost of your cozy home.

Feedback form

Our main task was to convey the advantages of this service as simple and unobtrusive as possible. Thus, providing the opportunity from anywhere on the page to leave a request by filling out the feedback form.s.

Adaptive version

When we implemented the adaptive version of the site, our task was not to scare the user away by the amount of information received and comfortable page navigation. We have developed an interactive version that helps the user using the smartphone to get all the features of the site without sacrificing performance and speed of loading the site.