Premium Women's Clothing

API Payments 1С-Битрикс


We were faced with the task of updating the site of the popular online store MarcCain

Technical requirements for the project:

— To conduct a redesign and improve the functionality of the site;
— To make cross-browser and adaptive markup development;
— To integrate E-Commerce platform with CMS Bitrix;
— To connect payment systems.

Product selection

Pick up the goods has become easier. Instead of a huge drop-down list that pushes the product to the background, we created a neat sidebar.

Product Card

In the product card we provide the client with all the necessary information. Here it is possible to choose a standard for sizing and directly select the desired size, get acquainted with the possible colors and materials.

Custom basket

We have customized the basket features - we have supplemented the standard Bitrix functionality with the ability to change the parameters of products added to the basket.

Adaptive version

We have developed an adaptive version that is not inferior in usability and visual design to the main one.