What is and what determines the speed of the site?

In addition to the factors of value, content and personal attitude to the site - the factor of pleasure from working with the site is also important, and it depends directly on the speed of the site itself.

What affects site speed?

Only 2 factors:

  1. Site hosting
  2. Site code
    1. Samopis
    2. CMS
    3. Framework

What you need to know about website hosting?

  1. Website hosting - always rests on the issue of a sufficient number of resources
    1. CPU
    2. HDD/SSD
    3. RAM
  2. Setting the environment for the site to work depends on the type of hosting
    1. Shared hosting
    2. VDS
    3. Own server

What you need to know about the site itself?

A site is one or more logically interconnected web pages that can be executed in different ways, a list of what slows down the site:

  1. Redundant code,
  2. Non-optimal solutions,
  3. Redundancy of queries to the database (DB),
  4. Downloadable Content.

Check out Google’s most useful website speed analysis tool: pagespeed insights. Which instantly after emergence became a service that is used by "default" all qualified specialists in the field of website development.

To check the quality of HTML and CSS, a validator from the W3 (World Wide Web) organization is used validator.w3.org - and each site should be validated without errors (warnings are acceptable, unlike errors).

In order to ensure the most positive perception of the site by both search engines and users, the site must be located in the green zone according to PageSpeed Insights and be validated by W3.

Each site that we create, we offer to optimize for these parameters.

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