Bitrix24: CRM

Bitrix24.CRM helps to sell more: it takes control of all channels of communication with customers, suggests what to do and automates sales.

  • Sales department
  • Automation and re-sales
  • Business processes

Sales department

All calls, letters, chats with customers on the website and in social networks are stored in CRM. You can see how many requests are processed, at what stage, and who deals with them at present.

CRM itself leads the customer through the Sales funnel: from cold contact to a successful transaction.

Sales plan and reports - distribute the plan among employees, monitor the load on managers and analyze sales.

The whole history of the transaction is visible: from the first client request (texts of letters, SMS and chats, recording calls and meetings) to evaluating the work of your employees.

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Automation and re-sales

CRM robots - send customers letters, SMS, voice messages, show ads, set tasks for managers.

CRM-marketing - e-mail, SMS, advertising with personal offers for different segments of your customers will increase the initial and repeated sales. Use ready-made templates, design your own and monitor the effectiveness of mailings.

Sales generator - in one click Bitriks24 will create, repeat transactions with your customers and give them to the manager to work. And the manager will send, for example, tempting information on updating the range to those who bought goods last season. This is a good opportunity to attract «old» customers to new purchases.

Documents in CRM - print acts, invoices, powers of attorney, bills of lading on your templates or use ready-made.

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Business processes

Documents in CRM - print acts, invoices, powers of attorney, bills of lading on your templates or use ready-made.

Almost all companies have something in common with each other - everyone periodically needs to perform routine and tedious operations. Business processes allow to simplify them and minimize the time spent. Accounts, vacations, business trips will be automatically sent along a given chain to the right employees.

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Bitrix24: Box version

It is a professional complex solution for organization of work in the company on your server with your individual adjustments, refinements and brand.

Set and control tasks, send files and voice messages, chat, discuss plans in profile groups, and make informed decisions.

Always stay connected and up to date: use desktop and mobile applications.

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Edition 1C-Bitrix24

Depending on the scale of your organization, Bitrix proposes to choose an edition that will fit your company's needs:

CRM — all the necessary tools to organize the work of the department up to 12 people and automate sales;

Corporate portal — is a corporate Bitrix24 on your server with individual settings;

Enterprise —is an editorial office for large companies of 500 employees, with multi-department, scalability and resilience capabilities, with a maximum level of support from 1C-Bitrix;



The high platform productivity and high load stability have been proven by testing the 1C-Bitrix24 product.

The quick response of the system provides the user comfortable work with the corporate portal.

More than 6,000,000 companies are registered in Bitrix24

You can dynamically grow your portal solution by engaging thousands and tens of thousands of new users without changing the architecture and project code.

Explore the features of the 1C-Bitrix24 box in practice with a 30-day trial, or email us and order a Bitrix24 box installation for your business!